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Interview Essay

By _sanjanaxx Oct 13, 2014 495 Words
Partner Introduction
Sanjana Satish

“I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that conscious entity can ever hope to do. This quote is from 2001- Space Odyssey. This quote thoroughly describes Ben. This means he is a hardworking person who never gives up. Ben is a smart, and a somewhat outgoing person. He has a huge passion for music, likes ravioli, plays the saxophone, and he is part of the Ballard band. Music is his joy. His most favorite thing he owns is his computer, which shows his love for technology. He is, of course, a well- rounded person. Ben has a lot of interesting thoughts that run through his mind. He also has a lot of plans in his future. He wants to major in computer science and possibly attend the University of Louisville because he really likes the college and also because he wants to stay close to his family. He always makes family come first. To Ben, family means the people he holds really close to himself. He usually thinks about his family’s needs and he helps out his family a lot. Ben is like to think about happiness, trust and other things that are deep and thought provoking. He feels that happiness is to be surrounded by the people he loves. He elaborated more on happiness by saying that money is not the most important thing in life- companionship is. But money can buy you things that can maintain your basic needs and demands. He also feels that women should be treated more fairly because very human being in this world is equal. He believes that women should not be paid lesser than men because they work hard, so they deserve equal amount of wage too. Ben also made a comment about trust. He says trust is when you know a person will do the right thing. He also elaborated on this by saying that trust is established by being a good person, honest and kind. As said in the beginning of the essay, Ben is really close to his family and his friends. He chooses his friends carefully. The three qualities he values in his friends are trustworthiness, funniness, and niceness. He wants his friends to be trustworthy and worth talking to. He is interested in government and politics. He thinks that corruption is a bad thing because it slows down the advancement of countries. Ben is an interesting character. He is a well- rounded person and it is nice to get to know him. He is versatile and has a huge love for computers and music. He is down- to- earth and humble because he is not very greedy and he cares a lot about his family and friends. He is very trustworthy and kind, which makes others feel comfortable around him. Also, he thinks happiness is his family and friends. This also shows his humbleness. Overall, Ben is a good human being.

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