Interview Assingment

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Interview Assignment
I had the opportunity to interview a registered nurse who has worked in this profession for over ten years. She has had the opportunity to travel all over the United States to work as a Registered nurse at many well known hospitals and institutions. The experiences she shared with me where amazing. Her name is Dawn Pope and she is currently employed as a Registered Nurse at Duke University in the intensive care department.

I chose to interview a nurse because I wanted to learn as much as possible about the career before I applied for the program this fall. I chose Ms. Pope because she was my grandmothers' nurse in ICU at Duke and she was the one who influenced me to purse a degree in nursing after the wonderful job she did with me and my family. My goal for this interview is to learn as much as possible about the nursing career itself and what to expect once I get accepted into the nursing program. Because Ms. Pope has worked and specialized in many different fields of nursing she was able to give me some very useful advice for school and she also helped me decide what area of nursing I wanted to specialize in. She also gave me some pointers on getting scholarships and grants for this particular program.

I called the hospital to speak with Ms. Pope in the morning but she was unavailable so I asked the lady at the front desk what would be the best time to reach her. She told me that she could not give me an exact time so I kindly asked her to leave a message for Ms. Pope to call me at her earliest convenience. She returned my phone call that evening and I explained to her who I was and that I wanted to speak with her briefly about her career for school. She was very excited that I chose her for this assignment and she actually remembered me from my grandmothers' hospital stay. I only asked her for 30 minutes of her time and we set up a time in place that was convenient with both of our busy schedules.

With the appointment in place, I...
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