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Interview Assignment

People from different parts of the world have been migrating to the United States for hundreds of years. During the 1920s and 1950s, there was a huge wave of Italian immigrants voyaging to our country. More than four million Italians had left their country and traveled by boat for seven dreadful, agonizing days before arriving in America. Travelers took their first steps on U.S. soil in Ellis Island, the federal immigration station, where Italians had to pass medical and legal inspections before being allowed to enter the United States. This dramatic surge in immigration was brought upon by Italians desperately trying to escape their poverty-stricken lives in pursuit of the American Dream. Upon arriving to America, Italians hoped for better lives with more job opportunities and better education. To understand more about the struggles of an immigrant and how they conquered their American Dream, I decided to interview my grandfather. His story is very interesting and is a perfect example of the life of an immigrant. My grandfather is a 79 year old man who is from a province in Potenza, Italy. He has three siblings, five children, and fifteen grandchildren. My grandpa is an extremely religious Roman Catholic man who attends church every Sunday and always prays throughout the day. With very little formal education my grandfather was still able to be successful and provide for his family. My grandfather, Antonio Postiglione, is one of millions of Italians who left Italy and migrated to America in search for a better life. Antonio left his hometown of Tito when he was sixteen years old with his mother and three siblings. On March 2, 1956 my grandpa, Uncle Rocky, Aunt Rose, Aunt Mary, and great grandmother hopped on a ship fleeing from Italy with as little as five dollars in their pocket. The conditions on this ship were said to be dirty, overcrowded, extremely uncomfortable with minimal food, and several sick people. My grandfather states,...
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