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Unit 3: Compensation Specialist Interview
Tabitha DeJong
Kaplan University
HA530: Human Resources for Healthcare Managers
Professor Peter Cruise

For this project I interviewed Master Sergeant Dawn Roznos, Health Profession Recruiter, and USAF. Her job is to recruit medical professionals for the Air Force. She focuses on recruiting registered nurses, nurse PR actioners, clinical psychologists, social workers, public health specialists; board certified medical doctors, dental specialists and health care administrators. While her specialty is nursing, she was able to get me the information for all of the above fields.

Wages and salaries for these fields are determined by Congress and the Secretary of Defense. This is reviewed on a fiscal year which runs from October 1 to September 31. These rates are posted and are determined by both pay grade and time in services (years in the military). The rank is given by education level and experience level. The highest rank for somebody to start at is O-4. Bachelors degree and under 2 years experience is equal to O-1 or officer first level Masters degree and under 4 years experience is equal to O-2 or officer second level Doctorate degree and under 11 years experience is equal to O-3 or officer third level Over 11 years experience is equal to O-4 or officer fourth level An example of how this would be if I were to re-enlist after I get my degree, I would start out as an O-2 as I have less then four years experience. If I were to work for four years in the civilian sector and then re-enlist, I would then start out as an O-3. In pay this is the equivalent of the following monthly base pay structure for the 2013 fiscal year: (Military Pay Chart, 2013) O-1$2876.40

It is considered adequate and fair as this is a set standard and with the ranking includes both education and experience outside the military. Along with this there is no...
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