Interventions Case Study

Topics: Pain, Medicine, Back pain Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Vanessa Cuffee
Interventions Case Study
November 30, 2014
Amanda Williams

“A Crisis Involving Chronic Back Pain” in Ch 9
Pain is a physiological response in living things. The human body, pain may be an underlying symptom of a disorder. Pain may arise from damage in the tissue and subsequent infiltration of immune cells to the damaged region. Similarly, pain may be due to injury in the nerves which play critical role as sensory system of the body (Bishop PM, 1950). The unpleasant feeling caused by pain compels people to seek medical assistance for appropriate treatment. Sometimes may vanish after a while even without seeking medical treatment because the body has a way of propagating its own healing and this is intricate physiological mechanism. Thus pain may be generally classified into two main group based on the duration it takes for the pain to disappear. Pain can be acute if it takes few days up to three months to vanish and the chronic pain persists for duration of three to six months or even a longer duration (Husebye ES, Perheentupa J, Rautemaa R, Kämpe O, 2009). Chronic pain is much severe and makes a person experience discomfort interfering with the daily activities of a person. It can also instill psychological stress to a person. Therefore, apart from using drugs to treat chronic pain, various health care providers play a big role to ensure the patient life is better. Such health care providers may include the physiotherapists, occupation therapist, clinical psychologists among other health worker who team up to support patient experiencing severe pain. Scientists have carried out various research studies on pain and have emphasized the importance of taking pain seriously by both the health care community and the individual experiencing. If left untreated, the chronic pain can result to death thus it is necessary to have proper diagnosis and effectively manage the pain. Chronic back pain may require...

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