Intervention studies on forgiveness

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Intervention Studies on Forgiveness: A meta-analysis
Alton Dawson
Liberty University

Intervention Studies on forgiveness: A meta-analysis
The purpose of this journal review is to analyze through meta-analysis the intervention techniques of forgiveness. There are existing factors that are used in forgiveness as an intervention tool in counseling is in the early stages of development and fewer studies and research has been conducted to support the effectiveness of meta-analysis. More studies have been completed that showed based on the efficacies of forgiveness interventions within the counseling sessions were researched. The study results indicated the results of the research were grouped into three categories: decision-based, process-based groups and process- based individual interventions. When counselors measure forgiveness intervention techniques and other emotional health concerns, the results of the studies revealed that counselors using the decision based interventions found no significant effectiveness on forgiveness. When using the process-based intervention there were increased rises in the effectiveness of counselors using forgiveness as an intervention tool. Counselors that used these intervention methods saw a greater increase in the rates of effectiveness when using forgiveness in a clinical or other treatment sessions. Baskin & Enright (2004) indicated through nine empirical studies that the potential effectiveness of forgiveness interventions was impacted by forgiveness counseling. A common theme among the studies of forgiveness suggested that forgiveness intervention or forgiveness counseling deeply impacted the commonalities of forgiveness intervention. Baskin & Enright (2004) defines forgiveness a being a volunteer or willful act of the forgiver. As a part of the process the forgiver replaces negative emotions (depression, anger, frustration and resentment) with positive emotions that...

References: Baskin, T. W., & Enright, R. D. (2004). Intervention studies on forgiveness: A meta-analysis. Journal of Counseling, 82(1), 79- 90.
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