Intervention of Adolescent Pregnancy on American Society

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Abortion / Pages: 37 (1276 words) / Published: Dec 4th, 2010
Research Paper
Anthony Murphy
June 22, 2010 Gregory VD Smith

Adolescent Pregnancy
In this research paper I will explore the effects of adolescent pregnancy, prevention, and intervention of adolescent pregnancy on American society. The notion that education, abstinence, and parental involvement are vital in the reduction of adolescent pregnancies is the thesis of this paper. The research supports this thesis; prevention and intervention have contributed to the progress in reducing adolescent pregnancy over the last decade. There are numerous pressures in American society, a majority of these are directed toward teenagers. A result of these pressures placed on these adolescent teens, is the failure to make right decisions in certain situations. The most frequent situations adolescence teens find him or herself in is becoming a parent at a young age because of stress to have sex. In the United States more than 40% of women become pregnant before they are 20 years old, and 50% of teenage pregnancies occur within the first six months of their initial intercourse experience (Dangal, 2006). According to a recent study by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the United States has made strong progress in reducing teen pregnancy and birth rates, the teen pregnancy rate in the United States is still the highest among comparable countries. The United States adolescent birthrate exceeds that of most other western countries, even though American teenagers are no more sexually active than teenagers are in Canada or Europe (Dangal, 2005). Recent statistics concerning the teen birthrates are alarming. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world with approximately one million adolescents becoming pregnant every year (National Women's Health Information Center). Almost one-sixth of all births in the United States are to teenage women. Although pregnancy may occur in any teenager, some teens are at higher risk for unplanned pregnancy than

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