Intervention 3

Topics: Rooms, Office, Technical support Pages: 3 (516 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Technical Support Representative
Yvette A. Rodriguez

My responsibility as the Technical Support Representative is to establish an office location which convenient to our clientele which are largely located within the metropolitan area. Due to the substantial contracts we have recently obtained we are now looking to set-up an office with the similar amenities which will provide the same excellence our clients have received from our headquarters facility. In order to attract new employees and transfers key co-workers to this new location I have been tasked with choosing rental space and making other decisions to start the relocation process. Upon speaking with my Project Manager the criteria and guidelines each new office is to adhere to is a strict budget of $54,000 monthly to include any additional amenities or perks for clients or employees. The summary of offices space that has been provided I cannot exceed this budget even if I see certain items which are necessary to conduct business. After reviewing the list and guidelines against my budget my decision has been made to go with a Regional Office Building which will be run $40,000 monthly for rental fees only. It offers the appropriate size required for my operation and is adequately set up. The lease does not offer an inclusive custodial package so that service will run $1,200 monthly to ensure the office is kept clean. Now since the Regional Office Building is a 25 stories we were offered aa different space with a better view to additional $800 monthly but I declined and will save the funds for additional upgrades required. Another expense is upgrading the floors with moderately used carpet and furniture to keep cost down at $1,600. It was imperative that we have conference rooms due to the nature of our works so this required a monthly fee $4000 each room required. I have selected two major conference rooms which will run $8,000 monthly out of my budget.

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