Interstellar Pig

Topics: Face, Eye, Mother Pages: 2 (937 words) Published: November 18, 2003
Barney, a teenage boy, and his parents rent a summer cabin in Dunstable. Him and his parents are staying in a house that belonged to Captain Latham. Captain Latham had a trading ship when Dunstable was an important port. The captain's stupid younger brother was a sailor on his ship. And he went crazy and was locked in the front bedroom where barney sleeps for 20 years. When the Captain was out in the South Pacific they picked up a shipwrecked sailor. The guy they rescued bunked with the crazy brother. And the next morning the sailor was dead the brother had strangled him. The crazy brother was sentenced to be keelhauled but he did not die was just permently brain damaged. And clawed around the windows for the rest of his life. They realize from Ted (the guy the are renting the house from) that their neighbors wanted this cabin a lot but Barney and his parents ended up getting it. When Barney meets his neighbors he thinks that they are a little bit weird but his parents don't think that they are too bad of people in fact they sort of like them. Barney describes them as animal like the way they move and that they seem to be fasenated in the sky and water. Barney is observing the neighbors and states that they had a purplish cast in the fading light, which is strange because humans aren't purple unless there defective. After several hours Zena knocks on the front door and barney describes her eye color as deep lavender. His neighbors also have a strange game they play that's called Interstellar Pig. Their neighbors are about in their mid-twenties there is one girl, Zena, and two boys, Joe and Manny. Barney is rummaging threw the neighbors house when they leave to try and find out why they are so interested in the house and why they just stopped and was like in a trance when they saw the markings on the window. Barney finds some old document when he is searching threw their house and finds out that these neighbors wanted his house because there is some hidden...
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