Topics: Islamia University, Chicken, Meat Pages: 6 (1983 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Submitted to: Sir Tasawur Javed
Feasibility Study of Chicken Meat Shop
Submitted by: Group no. 3 Group members: Haseeb Malik (24), Ahmed Hassan Qazi (02), Ghulam Abbas(15), Safdar Hussain (30) Islamia Uniersity bahawalpur

Details of Promoters
Muhammad Haseeb Malik
He is student at Islamia University Bahawalpur doing BBA (honors). He has done metric and Fsc (pre-medical). He has done internship at Makro Habib Pakistan Limited. Ahmed Hassan Qazi
He is a student at Islamia University Bahawalpur doing BBA (honors). He has done metric and DBA from Karachi. He has done internship at Karachi Port Trust. Ghulam Abbas
He is a student at Islamia University Bahawalpur doing BBA (honors). He has done metric and Fsc (pre-eng). He has done internship at United Bank Limited (UBL). Sufdar Hussain
He is a student at Islamia University Bahawalpur doing BBA (honors). He has done metric and Fsc. He has done internship at State Life Insurance Corporation. Seemab Afzal
She is a student at Islamia University Bahawalpur doing BBA (honors). She has done metric and Icom. She has done internship at Asia Insurance Company. Project Concept
Concept or project idea
Pakistan people are chicken lovers. Most of the people prefer to have chicken over all other meals. The youth show more positive attitude towards eating chicken. In most of our celebrations and ceremonies, it is for sure that some dish of chicken would be found there. So by looking at the trends of high intake of chicken among the people of Pakistan, we are idealizing to develop a chicken meat shop. The other reason behind the concept of opening a chicken shop is by looking at a meat shop that is opened in Lahore named “Zenith”. It is mutton and beef shop that provides meat to people that is slaughtered and packed under hygienic conditions. So by looking at that shop, we have got the idea that a similar shop to Zenith can be opened in Bahawalpur but with some variations i.e. our shop would serve chicken not mutton or beef. Current opportunity

The idea has an opportunity to succeed as we do not find a single hygienic chicken shop in Bahawalpur with what we are visualizing to bring to the city of Bahawalpur. There is an outlet of K&Ns in Bahawalpur but it would certainly not alarm our opportunity in the market as their target is sale of processed and frozen meat and we want to serve with fresh, frozen and unprocessed meat. Bahawalpur is the city where people are fond to get higher educations. It is known as the City of Schools. So as people are highly educated, they are willing to increase and improve their standards of living. People of Bahawalpur have desires to enhance their lifestyles. So we believe they would certainly make are visualization true by warmly welcoming the idea of a chicken shop in Bahawalpur.

Target Market and Customers
We believe that identifying the needs of people would better help to target the market and the customers and would help to be specific in providing the customer what he wants. Our target would first of all include the end user who would be provided with best quality chicken. The other targeted customers would include hotels, restaurants, catering service providers, mess etc. Research Proposal

This work program would include the establishment of a chicken shop. The chicken shop would have different packages on buying chicken from the shop. The more you buy, the more the benefit you get. There would be some packages that would be specifically made on targeting the end users and they would be specified according to their needs. The other packages would have a main focus of bulk buying that would be for bulk buyers like hotels, restaurants, cafeteria, mess etc. The mission of the shop would be providing best...
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