Topics: Gender, Race, Human, Black people, Affirmative action, Homophobia / Pages: 3 (721 words) / Published: Dec 9th, 2011
I will try to explain intersectionality. First of all you need to know what intersectionality is. Intersectionality is a theoretical framework which explains violence or discrimination against humans. Now I will give you an example and then try to connect it to intersectionality. I will use an example of spider web to explain this theory. This example will give you some idea about intersectionality. Think about a spider web. A Point in the centre and all threads connected to each other. If we remove one thread from the spider web, it will fall apart. Now consider yourself. You have some identities and these identities are connected just like spider web and we cannot remove any identity from you. If we remove any identity from you, then you will not be the same person. Age, religion, color, race, gender, language and so many others are all identities of a person. Keep in mind that some of these identities don’t stay constant for example age. Age changes with the time and create some advantages and disadvantages. Everybody has a different set of identities and the set of these identities can be used against you. The combination of these identities can create problems, inequality and discrimination. We try to analyze, what kind combination of identities can create what kind of problems with the help of intersectionality. For example if you are a young black women then you might have faced discrimination in different way than an old black women. You will not be treated the same way as some other lady with different set of identities. Age, religion, color, race, gender, language, social class and national divisions create a spider web of inequality. From this spider web anything can be used against you for the basis of discrimination. One can be discriminated in different ways and in various contexts. Now I can say that “Intersectionality provide us a lens which is able to look at the ways of discrimination in various contexts and Intersectionality theory also

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