Interrogation Techniques of the Inspector in Inspector Calls

Topics: An Inspector Calls, Stephen Daldry, Truth Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Examine how the inspector is so successful in his methods of investigating the Billings for their ‘crimes’ against Eva Smith.

In An Inspector Calls the Inspector plays a very important part, if not the most important of them all. He is the only man who, in one night, managed to tell the family all that the family itself had been ignoring and pretending not to see for a long time. He barges in on them when they are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft therefore a very happy, jolly environment and turns it into the most stressful, horrible evenings the family has ever encountered.

The Inspector is described by the stage directions saying that he wasn't a particularly tall man and yet he managed to make all the people that surrounded him believe that he was, in fact, a very powerful, strong built man. “The Inspector need not be a big man but he creates at once an impression of massiveness and solidity and purposefulness.” This quote shows that the Inspector may seem like a very ordinary man but once he comes closer the reader sees that this aura of importance and discipline surrounds him. This is one of his investigating techniques because by he is physically intimidating the subjects he is interrogating. He also “looking hard at the person he addresses before actually speaking” which may mean a couple of different things for example; he could be trying to intimidate the person he is referring the question to, he may be trying to see weather the person is nervous and therefore isn’t comfortable with his presence and therefore must have something to hide. Or, he may be trying to ‘read’ that person. By ‘read’ I mean trying to discover something about the person just by looking into his eyes. After all, the eyes never lie.

Another interrogation technique that the Inspector uses is mostly psychological. As soon as he enters the Birling’s house and tells them the reason for his visit he informs them all of the fact that he is in...
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