Interracial Relationships

Topics: Black people, Miscegenation, White people Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: April 11, 2013
No Hate
There are a number of reasons people may choose to disapprove of two people being in a relationship. Reasons such as one partner has a bad reputation, a criminal record, been involved in some form of scandal etc. Race however, is not one such acceptable reason. Interracial relationships have been given a hard time, from all the way from Columbus to this modern day. Though to a far lesser extent, it still does exist all over the world and particularly in the Southern parts of the U.S. America is filled with such a vast diversity of people that it is somewhat puzzling that such traditions brought from generations ago have still managed to live on. People in the south should be more open minded in their approach to interracial relationships because we should also be aware that it teaches hate and segregation from an early age in home and schools. Another reason is that it may lead to conflicts in families between members who are either for or against it. Finally, the rest of the world is being more progressive, why should it appear that the south, with its diversity should be having such a hard time getting over that wall? The issues affecting interracial correlation began in the 15th century when Europeans began their venture and slavery took place. Throughout that period miscegenation laws were implemented to prevent the cohabitation, sexual involvement and marriage between blacks and whites. Werner Sollors book Interracialism: Black-white Intermarriage in American History, Literature and Law has listed a number of miscegenation laws and stipulations regarding crime, punishment, and divorce which all showed up the insignificance of all who were not Caucasian. From that point in time, along with all the il-treatment due to slavery Africans/ Blacks/ Negroes were made out to be seen and to see themselves as a substandard race.

Roberta Coles wrote in her book Race and Family: A Structural Approach, “America is one of the world’s most racially...
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