Interracial Relationships

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, Miscegenation Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: November 29, 2006
One might ask, "What exactly is an interracial relationship?" An interracial relationship is the integration of two different races or ethnicities by a couple in a casual friendship, marriage, cohabitation or sexual relation. The relationship between Caucasians and African-Americans are by far the most popular "mixing" of two different races. Some view this relationship as ethically immoral and an abandonment of one's identity and background, while others see this combination as an opportunity to identify with someone of a different culture and background as well as shunning the act of racism and prejudice by getting to know someone despite the color of their skin or the beliefs that they may hold. The issue of the past and even currently is that society often views these types of relationships in a negative racist manner. Mainly in the opinion that black people should stay and marry other black people and have black babies. The same should hold true for people of Caucasian descent. The problem with relationships that are fostered between people of different ethnic backgrounds, especially black and white, is that it the relationship is thought of as the forbidden fruit. Because of the violent and degrading history that is between blacks and whites, inter-racial relationships suffer greatly in the public eye. Black men will forever be portrayed as the criminal people trying to simply deflower the innocent white females of their former masters.

Inter-Racial relationships are sometimes called multicultural relationships in the Marxism view. The Marxism view on these relationships is that they only produce a hell which man himself has built. Multiculturalism is said to have the same views as the Soviet Communism. It deals in the same agendas and the same ideas that Communism does. One, in order for a true multi cultural society to survive and to thrive, it must eliminate all opposition to the cause. There can be no safe havens for the...
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