Interprofessional Collaboration Assignment

Topics: Family, Health care, Term Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Interprofessional Collaboration Assignment Instructions FV
The following assignment is about to present from various “helping professions” In regards to this I would like to begin by going in detail about what this particular collaboration assignment is in regards. In light of this I would like to continue to talk about the following scenario that is about Ms Brown. Ms Brown is a 74 year old woman who lives alone in an apartment; although she has family with her she is very in poor health and therefore is in the final stages of death. The key issues that need to be addressed is her needs both physically and mentally,phsically, it is evident that her health is deterioting as she is in her final stages of death and mentally she needs mentle health support both for her daughter and herself so can feel more in control and all members can feel connected and have some type of closure .

I have reviewed the attached vignette that deals with the elderly Ms. Brown’s misfortune of breaking her hip and subsequent issues that arose due to that accident. These issues are further compounded by the consequences her daughter is experiencing as the circumstance of her mother’s current incapacitation and imminent passing as it relates to the care of her children (Ms. Brown’s grandchildren). From the outset, the elderly Ms. Brown is presented as an active person who enjoys and fills a great role in the upbringing and day to day care of her grandchildren. The injury she has experienced did not only affect herself and her family in the standard emotional sense, but has adversely shifted the day to day lives of her daughter and grandchildren. As of Ms. Browns incapacitation, several issues have presented themselves both as short term, and a long term concern; Of course there are the clear issues of physical and emotional toll on Ms. Brown herself, but that aside we saw the following; a conflict occurring between Ms. Brown’s children, the daughter (Joyce) finding it very...
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