Interpretive Walk Outline, Cig Course

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Interpretive Walk Outline
CIG Course
November 27, 2010
PROGRAM TITLE: Frog’s Disappearing Act
THEME: Frogs are a unique and important part of the world and also our southern Ohio ecosystem, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate. AUDIENCE: a group of frog lovers and concerned citizens ranging from small children to adults. GOAL: to raise awareness and provide knowledge of these amphibians and their role in the ecosystem. OBJECTIVES:

1. Have audience be able to be able to give an explanation of why frogs are in important part of ecosystems. How will you measure it? Ask if anyone could name a role played by frogs in our world at the end of the program. 2. Have audience be able to give examples usefulness of frogs to humans. How will you measure it? Ask if anyone could name any use we have for frogs at the end of the program. RESOURCES/MATERIALS NEED:

1. Live frog to show the audience and a proper container for it. 2. Sound clip of frog calls
3. Pop culture reference (Kermit puppet, from the Muppets)
INTRODUCTION: 1. Cover Maslow needs 2. Give jaw-dropping statistics to the audience (ex. There are more 5000 species of frogs world-wide) 3. Introduce myself and give broad explanation of frog and toad inhabitants in southeast Ohio. BODY (SUBTHEMES): 1. Explain how the lifestyle and lifecycles of frogs and toads are unique to that of many creatures that inhabit the earth. 2. Tracking populations of frogs and toads can be done by surveys if done properly. 3. Deformities in frogs have been found in local area, study done by Ohio University 4. Frogs and toads have been used in science, folklore and portrayed in popular culture by humans. CONCLUSION: 1. Restate theme (tell them what you told them) 2. Thank audience 3. Give opportunity for Q&A session. INTRODUCTION

PROCEDURE: Introduction of myself and why I’m here. Explain briefly frogs and why they are important to humans. Foreshadow the difficulties frogs are facing. SEGUE:...
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