Interpreting Robert's Frost Poem, the Road Not Taken

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: June 25, 2006

Life consists of making an infinite number of choices. Whether one decides to what to eat, what to wear, who to like, where to go, life consists of making decisions. In his poem "The Road Not Taken," Robert Frost, writes a poem of consisting of twenty short lines, that acknowledges an aspect of life: decision making. He uses the character of a traveler and creates a setting of past, present and future. The comparison of two roads in the middle of a "yellow wood" (1), represents many of the life choices that individuals make. Robert Frost emphasize the importance of the decision we as individuals make, given no right answer, mold us into who we are. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both." (1-2). Robert Frost begins this poem by simply saying, there's two ordinary roads in a wood forest. These two roads that are mention can be interpreted as a stage in life in which one needs to make a decision. In his second short line, he makes awareness that there will be regret one way or another. Regret sprinkles upon the traveler as it is evident that there is no possible way to take all roads that come upon their way. "And be one traveler, long I stood/And looked down one as far as I could/ To where it bent in the undergrowth." (3-5). The two roads that stands in front of the travelers both leads to the unknown, identical to life choices, which also leads to the unknown. Frost mentions "looking down far as far as I could, (4)" indicating a natural curiosity to see the end of a road that leads to unknown. This is interrelated to the natural tendency of individuals to want a preview of the near future. But the fact is, no matter how hard one tries to see the end of the road , ones eyes has limited ability in only being able to see a certain distance. "Then took the other, as just as fair,/And having perhaps the better claim,/Because it was grassy and wanted wear;"(6-8). Two types of roads were being placed in front of...
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