Interpreter of Maladies-Shukumar Character Analysis

Topics: Marriage, Short story, Love Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Shukumar’s Realization

In the short story, A Temporary Matter, Jhumpa Lahiri tells a story about Shukumar and his wife Shoba going through the troubles after experiencing their stillbirth and explains how they get “closer” during a power outage. Shukumar is a strong man and really tries to support his wife in the distant relationship they develop. Shukumar is worthy of character analysis because of the way he changes throughout the story is very intricate by his experiences. He tries hard to show his love and care, but faces a reality check in the end. In this situation, Shukumar is like an orphan child because an orphan tries so hard to do good unto others, but once they get hurt they have had enough and eventually learn to move on. Shukumar learns a lot about his wife and himself during the power outage. Shukumar and Shoba were absolutely in love when Shoba was pregnant. They were excited and prepared to become parents. Shukumar never wanted to part from Shoba, but trying to please her, he left for a conference in Baltimore even though she was in labor. If only he would have known that their baby would not be born alive he probably would have stayed and been by her side. Shukumar wanted his wife to be happy and so by going to make contacts in Baltimore she was happy with Shukumar. In this way, he showed that he truly loved Shoba. Leaving Shoba was the first time Shukumar welcomed the image of having a child. Though this was the last and only time Shukumar would ever see Shoba pregnant, he could picture himself in the future with kids “He imagined himself gripping the wheel, as Shoba turned around to hand the children juice boxes.” (3) Shukumar wanted to be a father and the stillbirth of his first and only child really broke his heart. Shukumar shows he is very caring and willing to do many things for his wife in the beginning of the story. After physically recovering from the stillbirth, Shoba became very good at avoiding her husband. She left before he...
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