Interpretations of the Eagles' Hotel California

Topics: Eagles, Hotel California, The Long Run Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Hanoof AlMusaiteer
Dr. Haifa AlFaisal
ENG. 461
4 April 2013
New Historicism Analysis Approach

Hotel California by the American rock band, the Eagles was and still a hit song since it was first released back in 1977. This song won the 1977 Grammy Award for record of the year and has become perhaps the band's quintessential song. Hotel California was written by three of the band members Glenn Frey who was born in the 6th of November 1948 in a middle class family who cared to shape their son's talent. Like any young talented guy he started a band with his high school friends and it was called the Disciples but it did not last long and then he started another band called the Mushrooms and it was the most successful band in Detroit back then. Among his musical talents he was a singer, a song writer and an actor, he started his singing career by being a background vocalist for many singers. Moving on, the Eagles was founded in 1971 in Lose Angeles, when Frey was working solo he met with Don Henley which later on these two will establish one of the most known American bands in the world. Moving to the second writer of the song, Don Henley was born on July 22, 1947 in Texas. His father served in the army in WWII as a veteran and his mother was a teacher. He was born in a music loving family which shaped his passion for music. Like a lot of music lovers of that period, Henley was inspired by the Beatles and he as well started many bands but they all were not successful. Henley and Frey as mentioned above met in Lose Angeles along with two other musicians and they all decided to start their own band. Henley was and still a prominent activist for causes ranging from the environment to reform of the music industry. In addition to the two mentioned above musicians who wrote the song, Don Felder was also one of the writers. Felder was born on September 21, 1947 in Florida. He was born in a poor family that cannot afford to buy him musical instruments so he...
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