Interpretation of Poem Called Stone

Topics: Poetry, Stanza Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: January 12, 2011

The poem „Stone” is a piece of art which presents the speakers attitude towards life. It’s about a poet who does not want to show his feelings. The best situation for him would be to be a stone. He is convinced that his philosophy is the most suitable for him because he considers it very often. The attitude to the topic is natural he does not treat it like something sophisticated. The mood of the poem gives impression of creating a better world for the speaker but in a simple way. Author created four unrhymed stanzas. The language of the poem which he uses is very simple and comprehensible. The reason he makes the poem that way is because he wants people to understand it. His desire is to be like a stone. He wants to feel nothing, and be resistance to everything. The decision he makes is very mature, he doesn’t bother if it’s unusual or not. “Yes, just a stone. The author wants to escape from feelings which hurt him and make him feel depressed, but apart to that fact he wants to expose him self to the warmth of the sunlight which shows that he actually has some feelings. Image in the first stanza is beautiful but common for the readers. The speaker is a stone lying hidden in the green grass which supposes to protect, and give him relief. However he doesn’t want to be isolated from others because he wants to be among them but without any contact. It is maybe he has experienced something bad while dealing with others and now he is afraid of it happening again. In the second stanza the image is a bit different because the author compares him self to a stone but which is lying on the bottom of the stream. The desire now is not for the warmth but for cold. These two images are about to show sensitive and delicate side of the stone, who wants to feel gentle touch of fish. STONE is the key word which is constantly repeated. The lines do not rhyme but thanks to the words which start each stanza “I often wish I were a stone” the whole poem...
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