Interpersonal Skills

Topics: Education, Psychology, Education in the United States Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Journal Article Review 3: Interpersonal Skills

It is important for school administrators to develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively with teachers and other professionals. Administrators also need to learn how to provide adequate supervision and support in order to address specific concerns from other teachers or administrators. In the article, Real Principals Listen, Glover (2007) discussed the importance of an administrator developing his or her listening skills in order to provide effective educational leadership. Therefore this article addressed the improvement of listening skills which is an important component of interpersonal communication.

Glover (2007) began by discussing how the directives of the current educational system can lead teachers to feeling less involved in educational decision making. He discussed his own attempts to involve teachers in decision making opportunities which were met with skepticism and opposition. The author’s own experience with these supervisory challenges led him to research more efficient methods of communication in order to promote teacher involvement and satisfaction with decision making processes.

Glover (2007) found that his own listening skills were deficient, and as a result his interactions with teachers were not very productive. The author learned how to listen impartially to the concerns and ideas of teachers without allowing his own biases to obstruct the listening process. As a result of his increased skills in listening, the author found his teachers to be more willing to communicate with him and to participate in decision making.

Glover (2007) also discussed how the challenge of developing a new report card format led him to understand how his listening skills could also have a positive impact on his relationship with his superiors. He provided insight into how his listening skills helped him understand the opinions of his supervisors regarding the new report card format,...
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