Interpersonal Interactions

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Interpersonal Interactions
Interpersonal interaction is a term showing how people relate to one another. The term interpersonal interaction is usually used when interacting with other people. Whether you are talking to them, working with them or sitting in a meeting room, you are always practising interpersonal interactions. This also includes things such as relating to each other and exchanging feelings. These can be both verbal and non-verbal. Verbal interpersonal interaction

When speaking to someone else personally you are expressing your verbal interactions. You speak in many different ways such as speaking in a soft tone or in loud tones. Loud tones usually show excitement or anger. Therefore verbal interpersonal interactions involve tone and volume. Word choice is also important when using verbal communication. For example, if you was talking to a doctor, you explain things using words such as why you are feeling ill, how long the symptoms have lasted and most likely questions related to how you are feeling. You may explain you are feeling feverish and sick, maybe achy and tired. You word choice includes words which you use to express yourself. Non-verbal interpersonal interactions

When interacting with people you can communicate without speaking or using words. This type of interaction is called non-verbal. For example, If you work together in a group you may notice each individuals interactions. Some may be smiling continuously or nodding. This shows they are listening and understanding. Some people may be moody with a cross look on their face whilst crossing their arms. This shows they are not interested and generally do not really care about what is going on. Non-verbal interactions do not automatically involve speaking and using words. They can also involve body language, gestures, listening or exchanging feelings as a way of interaction. Speech

Different countries, ethnic groups, work cultures and professions all have their own way of...
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