Interpersonal Conflict Case

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Interpersonal Conflict Case – Assignment

The dispute occurs between Robert, who is my boss and I. Two weeks before the conflict, I ask Robert for a one week-holiday, and he gave me his consent to have this break. I have been on time and did my best for this company from day one. I didn't have any day off since I started working here six month ago. I purchased my flight ticket, booked my hotel room, planned my trip and committed with my friends and family. However, the day before the journey, the result of the project on which we were working on has been ...and we lost it. It wasn't because of my lack of commitment, I did my very best to accomplish all my tasks. He asked me to cancel my trip in order to stay and work with him and my team. This is a follow-up to the meeting I requested.
(Background information)

Robert, we had agreed that I could leave tomorrow for few days. I don't usually ask for day-offs, but I already committed with my friends and family. And now you are saying that I couldn't leave, because we worked hard on this project and we failed to accomplish it. Your are also saying that I shouldn't go because my team and yourself need me because in the following week, you want to try to rearrange the project style, and I would be a great help. However, you gave your word two weeks ago, and I don't want to loose all the reservations. Also, I really need this break to come back at work fresher. (Step 1: Describe the behaviour of the person)
I am really upset, I feel wedged, poorly understood and betrayed about this situation and your reaction. I do believe that is (Step 2: Feelings)
First, I’m worried about the fact that I will have to cancel the whole trip. Also, I am afraid that this "altercation" with you harms our relationship. Moreover, the faith that I should have toward you will be irreversibly damage. In fact, starting from now, when you will promise, affirm, approve, assure or authenticate, something to me I might not be taken you

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