Interpersonal Conflict

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Interpersonal Conflict
February 26, 2012

Interpersonal conflict is something that that happens in every relationship. It is inevitable when two or more people disagree on something. Sometimes the conflict is a result of a misunderstanding because of a miscommunication. The movie Hitch with Will Smith is a perfect example of interpersonal conflict. The movie is filled with different conflicts mostly because of miscommunication between the two of the main characters. The movie hitch is filled with different scenarios with conflict and the most of them are results of miscommunication. Miscommunication happens all the time, especially in intimate relationships. It is almost impossible to avoid these types of conflicts because it is in our nature as human beings. We assume that someone else said one thing, when in reality it wasn’t the case at all, or we heard something wrong and it causes a conflict.

In the movie, there are many miscommunications between several of the characters but the one I would like to talk about is the biggest one between Sarah and Hitch the “date doctor.” It was a big miscommunication between the two. Hitch did not tell Sara what he was trying to accomplish from the beginning. Sarah slowly fell for his charming, witty, somewhat clumsy nature until another person brought it to his attention that he was helping other men to get successful in getting a girl to give in to having sex with them. This was a total misunderstanding because that is not what Hitch was about in the first place. Hitch helped outcast men to land a date with a girl that they wanted to ask out but were afraid to. Sarah completely freaked out, refused to talk to him and completely blew him off.

If I were in this situation, I would have handled it differently by confronting “hitch” and asking questions to find out the whole truth. And then if he had totally lied to me and it was something dirty and disgusting that he...

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