Interpersonal Communications

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The object of this paper is to examine the effectiveness of interpersonal communication. The paper will discuss how human service professionals can help by learning the standards of clients of a different culture. This paper will demonstrate some barriers that counselors may endure when assisting clients. Emotions can influence whether a client discuss circumstances to the interviewer and recognizing nonverbal and verbal cues. The authors have established the importance of counselors and their ability to communicate in their daily and professional lives. Many problems can happen when there is a lack of communication but knowing oneself is necessary to support others.

Interpersonal Communication

Human service professionals must learn how to communicate with clients. Interpersonal communication is important because it consists of interaction between two or more people, using verbal or nonverbal messages Ramaraju, S, MA, MP. (2012). Communication sometimes varies depending on the affiliation or relationship of the therapist. Gaining a rapport with the client is necessary for good information outcome. People communicate in many different ways, even if they do not understand it they are still conversing. The body language of individuals can tell many things. Even though, we are communicating when we are not talking, the client clues are crucial. Khan, A. (1996, Oct 22) believes that a person who have excellent interpersonal skills has an advantage. Some clients are reluctant to communicate because of certain emotional issues. Interpersonal communication can be obstructed by feelings and sometimes these emotions can cause barriers. Regardless of emotions, rapport have to be built. Effectiveness of counseling

People reactions or responses have a lot do with the environment and culture. A client state of mind can determine the effectiveness of counseling. There are many features that maybe a sign of how someone is feeling. When clients are...

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This article is a good summary of how Interpersonal communication affects counseling.
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Web Link: Mental Health Facilitator module, "Understanding Feelings," Week 2.
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