Interpersonal Communications

Topics: Chinese New Year, Communication, Family Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Personal Experience in Communication

Interpersonal communications can be defined in many ways, but most effectively it involves the interactions and communications that occur between people that work, live or associate with each other .These people typically include the communications one has with people they are familiar with or know well, or may see on a daily basis. I feel it is critical for us to know how to communicate well as conveying our message and for it to be understood is sometimes difficult and can often fail. Growing up in a multicultural family, I learned that it was not that easy to blend myself in. My grandmother is a Chinese raised in a Malay family since she was 10 month-old. Even though she was raised by other family, her bond with her real parents never break as they would meet up every Chinese New Year to celebrate that day. Till today, it has become a tradition for my dad’s family to join my grandmother’s family’s New Year's Eve Feast as it is a "must" banquet for all the family members to get together. My dad is very close with his cousins although they are Chinese and differ in religious belief. He can speak in Mandarin and Cantonese fluently so he had no problem communicating with them. They are indeed very nice and kind to us but the language barrier between us has made it impossible for the new generations especially me and my cousins to be close to them. Every time we gather around for the feast, I cannot help myself from being nervous and awkward. Wouldn’t it be stupid if someone talking about you in front of you and you are so clueless about it? They talk either in Malay or English with us but to grasp what they were saying among them is the main problem here as they used Mandarin. When they were laughing on something, I would just sit still for I could not understand each word they uttered. This situation eventually caused me to feel intimidate and uncomfortable. Whenever my dad wants to go back to his hometown in Malacca, I...
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