Interpersonal Communication Self Impact

Topics: Self-esteem, Outline of self, Conceptions of self Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Ladron Forde
Andrew Plaks
Interpersonal Comunnications

Impact of Self-Concept

1. A.I agree that low self esteem can threaten relationships because if you are always lacking the confidence to do things then it can become a self fulfilling prophecy. For example, If this guy, John, likes this girl, Jenna. If John has a low self-esteem he might think that Jenna could never like him. So John maybe tries for a little but its not going anywhere and then just starts blowing Jenna off. Jenna will think that John is a jerk and he will completely miss a opportunity.

B.I agree that a high self-esteem can threaten relationships. Because, while having confidence in your self can help relationships, having to high self-esteem can come off as being cocky or a jerk. Say If John likes Jenna and he is to confident in him self. Jenna could think he is full of himself.

2. Gamble & Gamble suggest one way of strengthening your self-concept is to always take “Self-Snapshots” and periodically reassess the roles you perform, how you describe yourself, and the extent to which you approve of your values and behaviors. Along with taking self-snapshots Gamble & Gamble say to “Explore the Pictures Others Take of You”. What this means is that when we analyze a picture we took of our selves that we can overlook things or overplay others. So if we are open to change its important to look at how others perceive us as well. The last thing they talk about is to Picture the Possibility. And this means to picture what you could be. To constantly “Who you are now?” instead of “Who you always are?”, and take picture after picture to track the possibilities. I think that this theory could work for me because if I look back and am not happy with something I can strive to change it or reassess my personal goals to strengthen my self-concept.

3. Today, through technology, some people construct, and reconstruct identities that are not part of their...
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