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Interpersonal Communication Final Analysis Paper

By keags12 Dec 14, 2012 685 Words
COMM 1222; Twite, Fall 2012

Your Final Exam Time:
Section 7: Monday, Dec. 17; 10 – 11:55 a.m., ABAH 425
Section 8: Friday, Dec. 21; 8 – 9:55 a.m., ABAH 445
Section 90: Tuesday, Dec. 18; 6 – 7:55 p.m., EDU 32

DUE: Since you are receiving this assignment a week early, you will have exactly ½ hour after your university-scheduled exam time begins to turn in your paper in the designated exam room. You may choose, however, to turn your paper in early. If that is the case, turn it in to me (personally) in my office in EDU 178. Do NOT turn it in to the Communication Department office or my faculty mailbox. Not acceptable. -------------------------------------------------


* 5 Pages in Length (No more than that. The key is to thoroughly develop your ideas and edit where/when necessary!) * Cite your textbook in your paper and use the page number (ie. McCornack, p. 34) * No bibliography necessary (unless using an outside source other than textbook) * Staple your paper! (Don’t expect to do this in my office.) * Name, Course Section Number, and Page Number in upper-right corner * Type and double space the entire paper.

* Times New Roman font, Size 12 (no larger or smaller!)
* If you have 5 or more errors in punctuation, spelling, or grammar, your grade will be dropped by one full letter grade. PROOF YOUR WORK CAREFULLY! * No titles…just start writing!
* Essay format…. Create a clear introduction, develop the ideas in the body and construct a clear, concise conclusion (write with a thesis/central idea!)

You will write an analysis paper about your group experience, choosing a minimum of five (5) concepts from the book that clearly relate to your group process throughout the course of this semester.

Concepts you may use in your paper are: IPC Goals, Self, Perception, Emotion, Verbal Language, Nonverbal Communication, Interpersonal Competence, Conflict, and Workplace Relationships. Smaller concepts are imbedded in each of these, so dig underneath and really develop these. These concepts, when introduced, need to be underlined (NOT IN PEN) in your paper. You will briefly explain the concept and then relate it directly to the project using real communication exchanges from your own experience in working with the group. Do not beat around the bush here. I want real and concrete examples. Do not write in glittering generalities and don’t hint about behavior. Describe the communication behaviors and exchanges in detail to show your understanding of how the concept manifested itself in your own experience.

These papers are NOT an opportunity to criticize group members. I don’t want to hear about their personal characteristics or what you may believe to be their flaws, but about how you feel your group worked as a unit (through IPC exchanges) toward a common goal (instrumental goal). Certainly tell me what worked and what did not work within your group. You will want to touch on how you feel interpersonal communication could be improved (if necessary) among group members. This is important information in light of your own experience and growth in becoming a more competent communicator. Most important, these papers are to show what you have learned about your own communication skills and how you dealt with the successes and challenges within the greater context of your group experience.

Hint: You may want to sit down, think about the process your group went through, and THEN decide which concepts naturally lend themselves to your group’s experiences. It is from this perspective that the best papers are written. Do NOT choose concepts first and then try to work your paper around them. I can always tell when students employ this approach as their papers are contrived and meaningless. As a result, grades suffer. I want your best, most thoughtful and meaningful work to culminate in this final analysis. Take this opportunity to show me what you have learned about interpersonal communication, working with groups, and how these two came together for you in this course.

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