Interpersonal Communication: American Beauty

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American Beauty 1

Heather Waltman American Beauty
COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Mary Ann Witt
March 26, 2012

American Beauty 2 American Beauty

The movie American Beauty is a movie of a young teenage girl who is caught between her parents who do not communicate with one another. Carolyn is so engrossed into her real estate company and does not have much to do with her husband Lester. Lester and Carolyn had a good relationship when they first got married and Lester does not know what changed. Lester gets introduced to his daughter’s friend Angela. He is infatuated with Angela and imagines himself with her doing sexual things. If the wife would not be so caught up with her real estate business, I think that she would have had a better relationship with her husband and daughter. Since the husband and wife did not have good communication skills, the family was torn apart because they did not talk. Marriage counseling would have helped them both. Lester and Carolyn have been married for fourteen years and they knew that something was wrong. I believe that since the two of them could not get along that she should have split up a long time ago. Conflict between the two of them ended up costing his life because he thought that his daughter’s friend would solve everything and it came to be that she did not.

I feel that maybe if the parents would get counseling for their marriage and would spend more time with each other instead of Carolyn spending more time with her a job. I feel that in order for a family to be able to work you have to spend time together and do things as a family in order for a family to work. American Beauty...
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