Interpersonal Communication

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Practice Session & Reflective Essay

This assessment requires you to make an audio and visual recording of a practice session in which you apply interpersonal skills and then to write a reflective essay in which you reflect upon and critique your interpersonal skills used in the practice session. The scenario is to be a choice from those two listed in the Assessment Requirements Section of the Unit.

The recording and the reflective essay are both to be submitted for marking. If the recording is unplayable or not of clear visual quality or if both you and the other person cannot be clearly heard and understood when playing the recording, it will need to be returned with a Resubmit result. Both the recording and the reflective essay are to be submitted online by uploading them onto the assessment submission section of my.acap (go to Section 10 in the Weekly Outline on the home page for this Unit). Both need to be uploaded by midnight Sunday 6th May 2012.

There will be instructions on how to upload your recorded practice session and reflective essay when you go onto the “Submit Assessment 2 – Practice Session” link and the “Submit Assessment 2 – Reflective Essay” link at Section 10.

The recording needs to show you face-on so that your facial expressions and other body language are observed. For this to be possible, it may be necessary for the other person to be filmed at an angle.

The purpose of the recorded session is for you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills through a practice session. You are to do this by role playing the chosen issue with your ‘colleague’ or ‘friend’. So as to enhance the standard of your recorded demonstration which accounts for 25% of your final mark for this Unit, prepare for the session in a general way with the other person, well before recording it. Just as it is important for you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills in this recorded session, it is essential for the other person to take on the role of the colleague or friend and to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your interpersonal skills.

Do not use a script for the practice session. By the time you are due to do the practice session for Assessment 2, it is expected that you will have a satisfactory level of competency in using interpersonal communication skills. Thus the need to have practiced those skills throughout the Term.

The practice session needs to run for approximately ten minutes. There is an allowance of 10% so your session needs to run for between 9 and 11 minutes. Anything less may very possibly be marked as a Resubmit. Anything more may be stopped at or soon after the 11 minute mark. Remember that within this time frame you do need to satisfy all the requirements of the assessment criteria, including the six dot points listed in the Unit Information and Assignment Requirements Section of the Unit.

The purpose of the reflective essay is for you to write about your application of interpersonal skills. You need to focus on a minimum of four key interpersonal skills (two of which need to be - active listening and positive non-verbal communication). Write about what you did well, what you could improve upon and what you might do different next time. Ensure that your reflective essay meets the requirements of all ten dot points listed in the Unit Information and Assignment Requirements Section of the Unit.

The reflective essay is meant to focus on your application of skills and not about the other person in the recording. Certainly, you will need to refer to some things about the other person (e.g. their attitude, their values, their communication style, their responses, their perceptions) as you reflect on your application of skills but the focus should be on you and your application of interpersonal skills and their impact, including what you...
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