Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication Assignment

1) Interpersonal Communication Report The objective of this assessment is to identify and analyse key interpersonal skills and behaviours exhibited in a relevant scene from a television or film production. The report should clearly draw upon and reflect the theory and practice expressed through the literature and other resource materials studied in this module. A. Identify and describe the effective communication skills used in the scene. B. Identify and describe the barriers affecting the effective application of communication skills. C. Describe at least three ways you could create more effective communication in the scene observed. D. Include verbatim examples to demonstrate your understanding of the skills and theory studied in this module. E. Provide a list of references in your report. For this interpersonal communication report I chose to analyse a scene from Linklater’s movie Before Sunset (2004). The entire movie is based on interpersonal communication, being an 80 minutes dialog between the two characters of the movie. The plot: Celine (Julie Delpy), French, and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), American, both in their early thirties, meet for the first time after their one-night romance in Vienna 9 years ago. After their first encounter they decide to meet in the same place (Vienna) after exactly 6 months; however they did not. Jesse is now in Paris, completing a publicity tour to promote the book he wrote based on their meeting in Vienna. Celine, who lives in Paris, shows up at the publishing house. Jesse needs to catch a plane in a couple of hours. Jesse and Celine decide to spend together the time left until Jesse needs to go to the airport. From the point of their meeting to the end of the movie the conversation between Celine and Jesse flows almost uninterrupted. General comment: As the time goes by, the physical context changes: they walk to a café, sit at a table, leave the café and wander on the streets of Paris, take a boat, a car, Jesse walks Celine home, he invites himself in. However, nothing from the physical context seems to interfere at all with their conversation. They go from small talk, travel plans, carrier issues, to more personal topics and ideas, to gradual self disclosure and expressing their real feelings. The body language plays a huge role in the communication process. At the beginning we can see

awkwardness in their gestures, they look at each other, look down, Jesse attempts to touch Celine’s shoulder but he doesn’t, they keep a personal distance when they walk. With time, they become more comfortable with each other, they make eye contact while talking; they use hands gestures, smile, nod their head while listening as to encourage the speaker. Paralanguage is important too, at the beginning they speak at a lower rate and volume, with a medium pitch, and with small pauses. As the time runs out they speak faster, with a higher pitch (especially Celine), as their frustration and anxiety grows when they begin to cautiously open up and disclose their real feelings. After the reciprocal disclosure the characters become more relaxed, the rate and volume of speech slow down, the pitch of the voice varies. Scene analysed: Celine and Jesse walk from the publishing house to a café and begin their conversation. They talk about the circumstances that brought them together again and the reason for they didn’t keep their commitment to meet again in Vienna.

Effective communication skills:
Non-verbal Body language  Facial expression: Jesse meets Celine with an honest, open smile (smiling with his eyes), like he is really happy to see her (affect display, DeVito, 2006, p 165) and really interested in what she has to communicate. Jesse’s facial expression inspires dynamism and credibility and these two elements are very important in effective communication (Fatt, 1999). Celine responds by smiling back – means the communication channels are open both ways. Formal...
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