Interpersonal Communication

Topics: Learning, Nonverbal communication, Communication Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: May 29, 2013
My father and I have been working to complete my Interpersonal Communication assignment. I lived with my mother and my father up until the age of 21 (twenty-one) when I moved out on my own. I moved back home just after my mother passed away. Today May 10th, 2013, I asked my father if he could assist me with completing this exercise. We started this assignment at approximately 10am and finished at 10:45am. I found this exercise to be quite enjoyable. I specifically like that I am still able to ask my father for his assistance with school assignments as we have a very good relationship. I felt extremely comfortable and valued my father’s opinion while I was completing this assignment. I found it very easy to keep direct eye contact with him and I always kept a smile on my face. My father’s feedback was that he felt I displayed very good listening skills. I felt that I had very good posture and my facial expressions showed that I was genuinely interested. My father also pointed out that I do tend to speak quickly at times. Now that I have been made aware of this I have gone over speaking and making sure that I take the time to pronounce my words. I feel that I have done well with this exercise as using my communication skills is a major part of my job. My father went through this assignment with ease. He is a business owner on our island and he has a large number of clients. He has excellent communication skills and always shows a genuine interest while he is engaged in conversation. He had good posture, eye contact and listening skills. I was excited that he was able to help me. I enjoyed doing this exercise and enjoyed learning what my weaknesses are. Overall I learned that I speak very quickly when nervous and my fast speech might cause someone to miss out on information that I am giving. Now that I am aware I can begin working on this problem. Currently I am working on speaking slower by pronouncing my words and controlling my nervousness. I also learned that...
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