Interpersonal Communication

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Defining Interpersonal Communication
When asked to distinguish interpersonal communication from communication in general, many people say that interpersonal communication involves fewer people, often just two. according to this definition, an exchange between a homeowner and plumber would be interpersonal, but a conversation involving parents and four children would not. although interpersonal communication often involves only two or three people, this isn’t a useful definition. Perhaps you are thinking that intimate contexts define interpersonal communication. using this standard, we would say that a couple on a first date in a romantic restaurant engages in more interpersonal communication than an established couple in a shopping mall. The best way to define interpersonal communication is by focusing on what happens between people, not where they are or how many present.In simple way, we can say that interpersonal communication is a distinct type of interaction between people. Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Communication

One way of looking at communication barriers is to divide them into internal and external barriers, or environmental barriers. It is important to be aware of all the possible barriers to communication, and to consider how these can be overcome, so that effective interaction can take place either in business or at a personal level.

Psychological Barriers
Psychological barriers may include shyness or embarrassment. Sometimes, a person may present herself as being abrupt or difficult when she may actually be nervous. One person's stereotyped views of the other party or the group he belongs to may also provide a barrier to communication. If she is already prejudiced before meeting him, this will cause a barrier. Cultural Barriers

Acceptable styles of communication vary between cultures. In some societies physical gestures are extravagant, and touch is more acceptable. In these societies, it is generally acceptable to hug and touch a...
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