Interoperable Immunization Database - Health Informatics Paper

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Interoperable Immunization Database
Robyne J. Damond
PUBH 6227-1
Dr. Egondu
April 14, 2013 The immunization database (tables shown below) has been created with the purpose of obtaining, & maintaining immunization information for all children through the age of 6. This database will be functional at the state level, which is Texas, & will be accessed via the web, giving access to all healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, & public health staff, as well as school officials that require immunization information. This relational database will give health care professionals the ability to determine what vaccine(s) the patient needs when they visit their office for the first time, or as a recurring patient, & they will be able to discern whether or not the patient is up to date. This will eliminate the unnecessary need for revaccination & to ensure all children enrolled in the immunization tracking system have full protection from certain diseases (O’Carroll, et al., 2003). Public health officials & staff can use the information in this database to determine if children are receiving vaccinations as they should, what demographic, or geographic area is in need of an immunization intervention program, & to evaluate the effectiveness of such evaluation programs. If a child is not up to date on their vaccines, a letter will be sent as an outreach effort to remind the parents that their child’s immunizations are past due, along with a list of which immunizations are needed. Both the public health professional & the healthcare provider will inform patients of any recalls of vaccinations or its non-effectiveness in providing protection based on the lot number & the manufacturing company’s name. School officials will be able to access this database to verify that the child has received the immunizations required for school entry, or continuance of school attendance. If a child moves from one school district to another, this information can be gathered

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