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Topics: Want, Business ethics, Decision making Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: March 23, 2014
To: All Human Service Workers
Subject: Tarasoff vs. Regents of the University of California The ruling in the case of Tarasoff vs. Regents of the University of California, states we must alert those who may come into contact with danger. We have a duty to protect others and must follow the ethical codes if possible. Our ethical decision making must protect the client as well as others who may be in potential danger. Ethical Decision Making

Human service professionals must know when it is right to make the decision to warn others. While this may violate a client’s right to privacy, it is our job to maintain the safety of those they are trying to hurt. We cannot judge their actions but rather help them get through their thoughts of hurting those they want to hurt. We need to use our sources and notify other agencies that may be able to help. Gaining the trust of clients is important and will help allow the client to open up and discuss their intent to harm those in the public. We need to be cautious in knowing whether they are truthful about what they are saying or not, and not hurt the relationship between the helper and client. The Effects on Human Services Codes of Ethics

As helpers, we have to maintain professionalism and not lose the trust between the helper and client. We have to do our best to not break the rights the clients have towards their privacy. We have to remember their background and not offend them. Everyone comes from different social backgrounds and we have to understand where it is they are coming from. Their cultural background is also important to understand when helping someone in need. While there are many different types of backgrounds, we as helpers must take that into consideration while helping them. If we decide to warn the public of the dangers the client may have, we can lose the trust of the client and will lose further information about what they plan on doing. Being careful with how we gain...

References: Marianne, W. (2011). Professional Concerns. An Introduction to Human Services 7e (7th ed., pp. 258-28). Mason: Cengage Learning.
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