Internship Report on Uttara Bank

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Generally by the word “Bank” we can easily understand that the financial institution deals with money. But there are different types of banks such as; Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, Investment Banks, Industrial Banks, Co-operative Banks etc. But when we use the term “Bank” without any prefix, or qualification, it refers to the ‘Commercial banks’. Commercial banks are the primary contributors to the economy of a country. So we can say Commercial banks are a profit-making institution that holds the deposits of individuals & business in checking & savings accounts and then uses these funds to make loans. Both general public and the government are dependent on the services of banks as the financial intermediary. As, banks are profit-earning concern; they collect deposit at the lowest possible cost and provide loans and advances at higher cost. The differences between two are the profit for the bank.

Banks play an important role in the business sector and industrialization of a country. Basically bank take deposit from the customers against interest and lend it to the borrower’s interest for a certain period. Under this sphere, the bank offers different interest notes and other options to there customers to remit and deposit there money. Most of the common between the banks, only the customer service and other facilities vary.

A Significant growth in the GDP with lower inflation level was attained during the past few years despite a host of adverse external sector developments like south-east Asian crisis and recent global recession and various domestic adversities including devastating floods.

In the background of liberalization of the economic policies in Bangladesh, there are many government banks, semi government banks, private and foreign bank. Uttara Bank Ltd is one of the large and leading private commercial sector banks in Bangladesh.

1.1 Rationale of the Study:

The internship program is very helpful to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience as part of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. This internship report has been designed to have a practical experience through the theoretical understanding.

Internship program is essential for every student, especially for the students of Business Administration, which helps them to know the real life situation. For this reason a student takes the internship program at the last stage of the degree, to launch a career with some practical experience.

As a Complete fulfillment of Internship Program introduce the students with the real life business situation. I am working for Uttara Bank Ltd as a part of my MBA program and I have to gather some practical Knowledge about “General Banking Operation of The Uttara Bank Ltd.”. In our MBA Program all courses based on theoretical and we have to learn practically. That’s why when our course instructor asked for a report I have decided to go with “Uttara Bank Ltd.” Here we gathered several experience about Banking System.

1.2 Objective of the Report:

➢ Broad Objective:
The objective of the internship program is to familiarize students with the real market situation, to compare them with the business theories & at the last stage make a report on assigned task. The main objective of this report is to have an assessment about overall activities of “Uttara Bank Ltd.”. How the Bank is providing facilities to its clients & to suggest remedial measure for the development of overall banking activities of “Uttara Bank Ltd.”. In addition, the study seeks to achieve the following objectives

➢ Specific Objective:

✓ To present an overview of “Uttara Bank Ltd.”
✓ To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field ✓ To make a bridge between the theories and practical procedures of day to day banking operation ✓ To relate the theories of banking with the practical banking...

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