Internship Report on Organization Study of Nokia Siemens Networks.

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The telecommunication industry deals with the activities and services of electronic system for transmitting message through cables, telephones, radio or television. The telecom industry had struggled for establishing and maintaining its existence in the Indian market. The industry had to take up many research so that it can meet the need, wants and preferences of the people of India.

There are two major factors responsible for the growth of the telecom industry, the use of modern technology and the market competition.
The use of communication satellites makes this telecom industry a booming sector. These industries provide cheaper products of high quality products and services.

Overview of telecom industry
The telecom industry is considered as the most booming sector than any other sector. The statistical report made by PHOENIX CENTRE RESEARCH revealed that in the coming year there will be a healthy competition between the provider of telecommunication services which will lower the price and the quality will be higher. Presently there are around 200 million telephone lines in India which makes it the world 3rd largest phone network in the world after China and U.S The Indian telecom market is divided into two major segments viz; fixed service provider and cellular service. The fixed service provider comprises land lines, basic services, domestic and long distance call services. The two major operators BSNL & MTNL comprise almost 90% of the fixed service providers in the country. In case of cellular service there are mainly two subdivisions viz; code division multiple access (CDMA) and global system for mobile communication (GSM). These industry is going to be digitized by using ISDN (inter services digital network).

Telecom industry has created immense employment opportunities. Most of the employees in the industry is engaged in large establishments, although there are small establishments where a large number of small contractors are involved. 55% of the workers are engaged in office & administrative support occupations and the others are in installation, maintenance and repairs

Today the telecom market enjoys the growth rate of 45% which is highest in the world wide. The telecom market is expected to grow by is 344921 corer by the year 2012.The rate of growth will be around 26% and the sector and the sector will also generate employment to 10 million people, but it is necessary to ensure that India emerge as a major exporter of telecom equipments, provide world class services by proper handling of consumer complaints, disputes resolution and public interface and meeting customers demand at reasonable rate. IT has been seen that there are some bottlenecks that the telecom industry always suffer from these are: * Slow reform process

* Low penetration.
* Service provider bears huge initial cost to make inroads and cost to achieving break even is difficult. * Lack of infrastructure in semi-rural and rural areas.
* Huge initial investment.
* Limited spectrum availability and interconnection charges between the private and state operators

The government has taken many initiatives which is responsible for the rapid growth of the telecom industry, some of this initiatives are: * Opening the industry for private sector participation. * 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) is permitted in telecom equipment manufacturing through the automatic route. * FDI ceiling in telecom services has been raised to 74%. * Introduction of unified access licensing regime for telecom services on open Indian basis. * Implementation of new telecom policies.

* Introduction of calling party pay (CPP) regime and lowering of access deficit coupled with introduction of revenue share regime in analogous-digital converter (ADC). * Introduction of mobile number portability in a phased manner. * Allowing services provider...
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