Internship Report on Krachi Stock Exchange

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Internship Report on Islamabad Stock Exchange
M Idrees Raja,
Department of Administrative Sciences,
Quaid-I-Azam University,
I am thankful to almighty Allah who gives me courage to complete my internship in Islamabad Stock Exchange and completions of report this report for such purpose. I would like to appreciate my supervisor Prof. Mr. Ajmal Waheed Khan for his proper guidance and transferring knowledge to me. I am also thankful to Prof. Ghulam Shabair Khan Niazi who allowed me for internship at such tremendous place. I am grateful to Mr. Yousaf H. Mukhdum Secretary Islamabad Stock Exchange for his proper guidance despite his engagement in office. I am thankful Mr. Noman , Mr. Saqib Jalil Malik, Mr. Waris Khan Naizi, Mr. Kashif Rauf, Mr. Kamran Anwar, Syed Masood Shukat and all staff for deepful consideration towards me during my internship. May God bless them with success!

M Idrees Raja.
Signature Page
Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad.
Islamabad Stock Exchange, Blue Area, Fazal-ul- Haq Road,
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Coordinator & Development Division:
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Table of contents
Executive Summary
My internship proposal was accepted in May 2003 on the request of our department of Admin Sciences Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad. My internship was remained with the management of Stock exchange. I joined Islamabad Stock Exchange on July 2, 2003. During my internship I worked in following departments, I worked in department of company affairs for one and half week. I work on the development of web site on all companies, which were listed in stock exchange. During that time I make analysis of financial statements with different formulas and than enter on page of soft ware which was established for the purpose of web site. I also worked on code of corporate governance and listing regulation of Islamabad stock Exchange (ISE). I went in brokerage house for three days and observe various activities for trading of shares. I also worked on the clearing house. The functions of clearing were assessed and work for different activities performed. Worked one and half week in investor relation department. Worked one and half week in the department of internal control. Worked in one and half week department of finance. The financial system analyzed by me. For particle skill work was also done by me.  

Background of Study
The internship report comprises a brief study on Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) during two months internship. The report is distributed in many parts according to nature and requirement of organization. Purpose of Study

The purpose of study to develop skills through learning various aspects of organization. The study enables to get command on bookish knowledge through practical approach and to understand the difference in both approaches. This thing increases the knowledge and brings betterment in working within organizational environment. Scope of Study

The working in stock exchange is different from other institutions. The ISE own internship schedule bound me to fallow it. (Annexature) It is difficult to study all aspects of organization in a limited time. The functioning in ISE is mostly related to finance departments in ISE except investor relation and upto some extent companies affairs are related to finance. The study focuses on field of finance including finance department. Methodology of Research

The methodology of research consists all methods, which were possible during the internship in ISE. The following method were adopted by me, Interviews:
The interviews were...

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