Internship Report on General Banking of Uttara Bank

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Introduction  : Modern banks play an important role in the economic development of a country. Commercial banks are the primary contributors to the economy of a country. Commercial banks are profit making institutions that holds the deposits of individuals and business. As banks are profit earning concerns, they collect deposit at the lowest possible cost and provide loans and advances at higher cost. The differences between two are the profit for the bank. The banks also role plays the human resources development. Banking is service oriented organization. Efficacy of customer service is related with progressive operation. According to the operational activities this report wills describe the scenarios based on the three months internship program in the Uttara Bank Ltd. Kalabagan branch. 1.1    Objectives of the Study

* To Describe and understand general Banking activities of Uttara Bank Ltd. *  To identify problem Related with general Banking Activities of Kalabagan Branch Ltd. * To make some Recommendation to overcome the problems.

1.2Methodology of the Study
The methodology of the report includes direct observation, oral communication with the employees of all departments of Uttara Bank Ltd Kalabagan Branch, studying files, circulars etc and as well as practical experience. This report is basically qualitative in nature. This information of this report has been collected from two sources: 1. 1.   Primary Sources of Data

* Face to face conservation with (3) three officers out of (15) fifteen officers. * Assigned work of those officers.
1. 2.   Secondary Sources of Data
* Annual report of UBL 2006 and 2007.
* Materials and document of UBL, Kalabagan Branch.
1.4 Method of Data collection
* Face to face conversation.
1.5        Sampling Method
* Convenience  Sampling
3. Introduction
General Banking is the heart of all banking business of activities. Total banking activities start with this department. General Banking is the department where this money is collected. In my orientation, at first I was observed this department. General Banking specially deals with account opening, remittance, cash and remittance in this department. I would like to discuss the duties of these desks and some important things related to these departments or sections. * Account opening

* Cash Department
* Mail receive and dispatch section
* Bills and Clearing Department.
* Remittance Department
3.1 Overall Function of UBL
This is a picture of a commercial bank. It creates surplus deposits by giving low interest and provides loans, taking comparatively high interest. The differentiable interest rates between these two activities are the earnings of commercial banks.   The overall banking of UBL consists of following types of banking activities such as * Ø Accepting deposit

* Ø Lending of money
* Ø Agency service
* Ø General utility service
1. Accepting Deposit 
* Ø Current deposit
* Ø Fixed deposit
* Ø Saving deposit
2. Lending money
* Ø Overdraft 
* Ø Loan Account
* Ø Collection of bill
* Ø Correspondence and representative
3. Agency service:
3.2. General utility services:
* Ø Issue of letters of credit
* Ø Travelers cheques
* Ø Accepting valuable for safe custody
Now we are going to discuss about the General Banking system of UBL Classification of Bank Account  
Basically bank has two types of deposit, these are 
* Ø Demand Deposit
* Ø Time Deposit

3.3 Account Opening Section
Desk-1 is engaged in account opening and closing tasks. In Uttara Bank Kalabagan branch. One staff officer is engaged in this task. Computer is used to operate the account information.  Following is the job descriptions of desk-1 and some important discussion regarding this desk.  Job Descriptions

1. Opening different types of account.
2. Handling operation of different types of accounts.
3. Responsible for...
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