Internship Report on Dhaka Bank

Topics: Foreign exchange market, Exchange rate, Trade finance Pages: 39 (9396 words) Published: February 24, 2012

During the last two decades, there has been a turmoil in the field of international money market resulting in various changes in the international subject of foreign exchange in a rather difficult one for it is highly technical and strictly governed by regulation which changes frequently.

After a successful completion of internship program on Dhaka Bank, Khatungonj Branch over the topic of “Foreign Exchange Dealings”, I have attempted to produce a report over the mentioned topic.


This report highlights the theoretical as well as practical background of foreign exchange. As the DBL Ktg Branch deals with Import Business as well Export Business, this report will focus on import & export business mechanisms of foreign exchange. Initially this report will make a brief highlight on the overall Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL) & its Khatungonj (Ktg) Branch. Then it will discuss the basics of foreign exchange, means and methods for settlement of International trade, Import procedures, Details of documenting credit, exchange rate determination and financial statistics on foreign exchange business.

In the end, the report will enclose an appendix, which will show the various financial results’ summary of the DBL Ktg Branch.

I hope the report will achieve its ultimate objective.



I have the pleasure to express my gratitude to the Almighty Allah (SWT) for giving me opportunity to complete my BBA course, internship Program and finally to Prepare this report.

First and foremost, I hold the pleasure to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Mohd. Mujibul Quader, the honorable Vice President & Manager of DBL, Ktg. Branch for allowing me to conduct my internship in his prestigious bank.

I sincerely acknowledge the helps and suggestions of all the executives and officials of the DBL, Ktg. Branch without whose helps my internship program would have not been possible. I am mentioning some names of officials who were my source of motivation and with whom I was in touch:

Mr. Mohammad Ali (in charge, foreign exchange & Credit), Mrs. Hasina Begum
Mr. Naimul Ahsan
Mr. Tarek

I am grateful to my supervisor Mr. Md. Rizwan Ahmad for his cordial supervision and support to prepare this report.



We’ve entered into a new dynamic millennium of 21st century. It is very fascinating to observe how organizations are implicated to shape them for a new arena. Especially we know banks are directly in action to up-grade the economic position of countries every time. I conducted and experienced the internship from that approach. Surely the Banking sector contributes vastly and rapidly to the development of business as well as the economy. This paper summarizes the principal findings of research that sought to provide a comprehensive understanding of the product for liability of Dhaka Bank and its distinctive features from the others. The methodology used was of major importance in obtaining data that are grounded largely in the personal experience of managers, but also in documentary evidence and in direct observation by myself. The purpose of the study was to investigate the feasibility of its products for liability, what are the contextual factors that affect the customers to deal with the products, and also how they react. All kinds of service provided by a Bank are closely related to the customer/ client. A Bank is called the businessman of others money. Since a customer is a very important factor for the Bank. Every Bank should try to satisfy their customer by providing their various types of service. A banker should know about the customer needs & wants to achieve their ultimate goals. For this reason Dhaka Bank tries hard to satisfy their customer through their products and services due to establish their own business in the most competitive business world.

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