Internship Report on Citi Bank

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Head of internship committee.
Department Of Business Administration Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Sub Campus Sahiwal


Muhammad Umair Waqas
BBA(Hons.) 6th semester
Roll no: BBS-06

Department Of Business Administration

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan
Sub Campus Sahiwal


Banking sector owes a pivotal importance in the economy of any country through its vibrant functions. That is why being a banking and finance student it was necessary for me to select a bank for learning purpose so that I can learn various banking methods and technique not only to enhance my knowledge but also to implement them on practical grounds This report is an upshot of my internship experience in Citi Bank, Main Branch, Garden Town, Lahore . CITI Bank posses an imperative and historical importance in the banking sector of Pakistan.

My work of these six weeks gave me great practical knowledge banking system but I strongly belief in a proverb" nothing is perfect" there remains a room of improvement in every effort for new ideas and more research and knowledge. My present effort is also a ring of this chain. I have strong belief that this report will guide and ease the readers to understand the operations of banking system and more prominently have good knowledge about CITI BANK, one of the most trusty and Leading banks in Pakistan

Muhammad Umair Waqas


I am highly grateful to Almighty Allah who gave me the power to complete this report. After that without the encouragement and help of my fellows & my teachers, I perhaps would not been able to write what I have written, it would be almost an unending list of persons who helped me in one way or other but then it would be great injustice on my part not to mention the names of those who provided me the required information and cooperation. I pay thanks to Mr. Tanvir Bashir “Management & Analytical unit N.A” and especially “Mr. Abrar Najeeb from the bottom of my heart for their direction & guidance throughout my project. They not only provided the necessary material & thoughts, but also encouraged me to do new things that promote a very creative environment for research. Moreover, they allowed me to expand my expertise in many areas of banking sector. A special thanks to Mr. Aamir Ali Mehdi Collection Head of the North Region , and also to all related departments and above all my own department of Citi Bank main branch Lahore who helped me a lot in preparing my report . I am really thankful to all Heads of the departments in the main branch for their co-operation during my Internship. At the end I am very thankful to all those persons who helped me in completing this report.


Consistent with Citi’s goal of being the most respected financial services company, and its corporate philosophy which emphasizes shared responsibility to the communities where we live and work, Citi Pakistan strives to join its partners in addressing community challenges through honest, constructive and meaningful dialogue.

In Pakistan, Citi has been, and continues to be energetic in its support for projects and initiatives that seek to develop the community. Be it through its philanthropic arm ‘the Citi Foundation,’ or through timely transfer of expertise particularly in areas related to the advancement of the local financial sector and employee volunteerism, Citi Pakistan remains committed to making a difference.

In 2007, Citi Pakistan developed industry-leading initiatives and delivered best-in-class programs, products, and services to our nonprofit partners and the communities they serve....
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