Internship Report of in-Plant Training in Techno Drugs Ltd. Shatirpara, Norshingdi, Bangladesh.

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HR and Administration


Human resource management (HRM) is the set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing and maintaining an effective workforce.

The people working in the Human Resources department are contrasted with the responsibilities involved with finance and personnel of an organization.

This department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business. The objective of this department is to maximize the return on investment from the organizations human capital and minimize financial risk.

The HR department is entrusted with the following responsibilities:

1. Recruitment selection

2. Training and development

3. Performance management

4. Motivation

The motto of the HR department is:

“Majority is accepted but minority should not be neglected”

1. Recruitment and selection

Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals to apply for jobs that are open.

This process is involved in selecting and hiring highly skilled and diverse talent into business functions.

In Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd., recruitment process follows a certain format in a series of steps:

An employment application or requisition form is used containing details such as position, qualification required as well as job description.

The form may also contain details regarding the fact if whether it is for a new position or a replacement.

After the data is accepted then a certain time period is allotted for searching. It is usually one and a half months for experienced personnel and two weeks for fresh graduates.

Advertisement is then done on newspaper or in websites; however both media have their own benefits and drawbacks.

After the deadline, a sorting is done where 15 to 20 candidates are picked. Out of them, 5 top 7 candidates are chosen for the preliminary interview.

The interview board consists usually of the head of the department in which the position is required, a member of the HR department and the plant manager.

Each of them assessment forms and check the educational qualifications as well as behavioral characteristics of each of the candidates.

After the preliminary interview the board selects the best two and calls them for a second interview. The candidate whose preferences match with that of the company gets the job.

After recruitment, orientation of the newcomer is done. The management is informed of the addition and the newcomer is introduced in every department and notified of all the interactions necessary to carry out the job.

Finally the newcomer is taken to his/her own department and is informed of his/her work and related SOPs.

The SOP or Standard Operating Procedure is an essential part of a pharmaceutical company and is integrated into the backbone of every system. It is a set of instructions having the force of directive, covering those features of operations that lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness. SOPs can be effective catalyst that can drive performance improvement and improve organizational results.

Every good quality system is based on its SOPs.

The general format of a SOP consists of the following details:

1. Purpose

2. Scope

3. Archival period

4. Safety

5. System owner

6. System description

7. Instruction

8. Responsibility

9. Procedure

10. Keyword

2. Training and Development

Training refers to teaching operational or technical employees how to do the job for which they were hired.

Development refers to teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for both present and future jobs.

One of the best ways to improve a company is to raise the capability of its people and there is no better means of achieving this...
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