Internship Report of Accounting

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Internship Report

1. Introduction
During April 12th and April 30th, I served as an intern for ZhiqinCertified Public Accountants CO., LTD. Foshan City, ZhiqinCertified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. is officially registered, a certified public accountant firm, in 1990, a period approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance was established in 2000 began operating a limited company, a practicing certificate number is 44060005, assets assessment Certificate No. 440 200 756. Since its establishment, it keeps adhering to the purpose of "legal, independent, objective, impartial, rigorous and realistic, enthusiastic service", adhering to the principle of "Law as the yardstick to the quality of life, reputation and development, customer supreme", playing an active role in accounting firm's certification and protecting the client and the legitimate interests of all parties concerned. "Zhiqin," adheres to the people-oriented management thinking and focuses on high-quality personnel training and absorption of existing professionals. Nearly 60 people accounts for more than 60% of the total number of employees, including accounting, financial, construction of high or intermediate professional titles. There is a strong group of both professional knowledge and practical experience of high-quality personnel, including 15 certified public accountants, 7 certified public valuers, 9 registration cost engineer, 5 registered real estate valuers, 11 certified tax agents, and 5 senior engineers. These people all received financial, accounting, tax and other training, had a good theoretical basis for professional, proficient in corporate accounting, accounting, auditing, assets evaluation, tax and consulting businesses. Over the years, this company’s size and business income ranked first in the same industry of Foshan region.

2. Goals and Objectives
Accounting is a highly applied discipline, an important economic management, strengthening economic management, an important means of improving economic efficiency. Economic management can not do without accounting, the more the economy becomes the more important to the development of accounting. Through self-study, I have basically mastered the basics of the accounting profession, the basic theory, basic methods and structure of the system. To put these theories in onto practical application, I hope that I can train them in practice, test myself, acquire knowledge, and make up my shortcomings. In order to really understand what is now needed to accountant’s society, I need to practice in life. To integrate theory with practice, I can understand the society in practice, consolidate knowledge in practice and broaden my horizons. It is helpful to increase my knowledge and lay a good foundation for my future work.

3. The Organization and my Work in it
I was sent to Audit Department as an assistant to Mr. Ye in first day of early morning. Everything to me was new. I didn’t know what could I help Mr. Ye. I was just asked to read the company’s reports, listen to the company circumstances, mainly from the company's history, agency staffing, operating business and the current operating conditions. Finally, he told me our major tasks during the internship clearly, and put forward relevant requirements and expectations, encouraged everyone in the new environment seriously study and work hard, strive to be harvested during the internship. Later, I learned to read and understand the meaning of the number in Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement. My main job is to check the accounting documents. Accounting documents is the most important and one of the most basic accounting information, and most wrong points are reflected in the accounting documents. Therefore, in order to ensure audit quality and avoid audit risks, the number of random accounting documents should reach a certain proportion.

4. The Gap between the Experience and my Expectations...
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