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Critical Assessment of the
Research Methodology used in
SRG Bangladesh Limited

Critical Assessment of the Research Methodology used in
SRG Bangladesh Limited

Submitted to
Professor Golam Mohammed Chowdhury
Chairman, Internship & Placement Program

Supervised by
Dr. M Z Mamun
Professor and Director

Submitted by
Noman Ahmed Khan
Roll No. 16
MBA 41 (D)

Internship Period: 23rd March to 14th June

Institute Of Business Administration (IBA)
University Of Dhaka

Date of Submission: July 11, 2009

First of all I must thank Dr. M Z Mamun, Professor & Director, IBA for his insisting on the brevity of the report. He helped me determine the objective of the report and guided me through to get to the end. He made me grateful with his valuable suggestions from time to time during my internship. I can never forget his fatherly guidance and his utmost friendly and sincere attention toward me.

The second person to acknowledge will surely be my supervisor at SRGB: Mr. M Saidul Haq, Managing Director of SRG Bangladesh Limited. He has been a great support from the choice of the topic, learning of different part of research and understanding the difference between theory and practice.

Special thank goes to Mr. Ziauddin Kamal, Senior Research Executive and Mr Emrul Kayes, Manager, HR for providing me every kind of information related to my study.

I really should thank every other employee of SRGB, whom I found during different phases of my internship. Most of them have been very open and friendly with me and provided me with the answers I needed from them.

Lastly I would like to thank my classmates working in OrgQuest and the Nielsen Company Bangladesh Limited for providing me with brief but useful information about the practices in their organization.

July 11, 2009

Internship and Placement
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka
Dhaka – 1000

Subject: Submission of Internship report on Critical Assessment of the Research Methodology used in SRG Bangladesh Limited

Dear Sir:

As a part of the internship program, I have prepared this report on the topic “Critical Assessment of the Research Methodology used in SRG Bangladesh Limited”. The report contains a detailed study and analysis on the qualitative and quantitative methodology used by SRG Bangladesh Limited. I judged the matter through the projects in which I had to work as an internee.

I have tried my best to utilize the opportunity of working as an internee in an established marketing research company like SRGB. This report is based on information acquired from the project Awareness and Acceptance of UK Qualifications in Bangladesh, conducted by SRGB. Here I have tried to compare the methodology used in that study with the thery we have been taught in the classroom and probable reason of difference with the theory if any. I have maintained the internship learning as per the instructions I have got from my supervisor Dr M Z Mamun.

I enjoyed preparing this report because it provides an opportunity for me to increase my understanding of the real life marketing research practices. I thank you for such an opportunity. I will be available for any clarification at your convenience.

Sincerely yours
Noman Ahemd Khan
Roll # 16
Batch – 41(D)

Table of Contents

1.1 Origin of the Report1
1.2 Objective1
1.3 Methodology2
1.4 Scope2
1.5 Limitations2

2.0 Industry Overview3
2.1. Research and Consultancy Industry around the World3
2.1.1          Market segments3
2.1.2          Player groups5
2.2 Research and Consultancy Industry in Bangladesh7
2.2.1 ORG-Quest Research Ltd (OrQuest)7
2.2.2 Sirius Marketing and Social Research Ltd.7
2.2.3 The Nielsen Company8

3.0 Company...

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SRG Bangladesh Limited
1 House 45, Road 7, Block F, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh Tel: 9871839, 9871927 Fax: 9871436
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