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DURATION: 14th May 16th July 2012

The Business Faculty‘s broad objective of the industrial attachment program is introducing students to practical aspects of what they are studying. This is a way of closing the gap between theory and practice and also introducing students to the demands of the formal workplace. As a student studying the BIS 200 program I was required to complete a compulsory industrial attachment program for 10 weeks. The broad objective of the industrial attachment program is to introduce students to the practical aspects of what they are studying. The specific objectives are:

a. To help students appreciate the practical applications of what they have learnt over the previous years on the program. b. To prepare students for integration into both formal and informal employment sectors. c. To expose students to different organizational cultures and systems. d. To develop confidence and self –assurance in students by giving them responsibilities to seek their own placement, work in a new different environment, and report back to the faculty regarding their learning experiences. e. To help students sharpen their communication, interpersonal and project management skills. f. To develop a working relationship with the business community for whom our degree program s are designed. g. To allow the faculty of gauge the quality of its programs by way of feedbacks from the host organizations, the industrial attachment supervisors and the students. h. To expose the students to prospective future employers.

Personally, I think industrial attachment program is very beneficial as it gives us exposure to what is happening in the outside world, and it also prepares us for life after school. Mainly for us BIS 200 students, the industrial attachment gave us a platform to test if we could be able to remember all the theory we learnt in school and put it into practice, in a situation which is not simulated. Methodology

The methods I used in gathering information to compile this report was through observation, experimentation, and literature review and one to one oral interview. The primary and secondary data for example: about the background of the organization had to be searched from the internet and through literature review with use of documents of the organization.

The Botswana Meat Commission was established on December 24, 1966 by law number 22 of 1965 to purchase and slaughter livestock, process and sell meat and other animal products in such a manner as to promote the interest of the livestock industry of Botswana. The BMC has had a significant contribution to the development of the country over the years. In the early years of Botswana’s development as an independent nation beef export was the only foreign exchange earner. Although beef is no longer the largest earner of foreign exchange, it nonetheless remains important to the economy. It also has a direct impact on the rural population who rely on subsistence farming for their livelihood. Since the opening of the Lobatse Abattoir, two more abattoirs, one in Maun and another in Francistown were subsequently opened in 1983 and 1989 respectively. The Maun abattoir was closed indefinitely in 1996 when all cattle in that area were culled to eradicate the cattle lung disease.

A number of subsidiaries as shown in the Group Structure were also formed to ensure a smooth export of the product.
To be one of the best producers of beef and related products in the world and to have a committed workforce that...
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