Internship Report Bba Students

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NSU School of Business
The BBA Program

BUS 498 Internship

Congratulations on commencing your internship! There are many purposes of an internship in the undergraduate business program. The following lists just a few.

An internship helps you to sample real-life work settings, and use them as laboratory opportunities to apply your knowledge gained throughout the program An internship helps you to learn new skills as well as to hone existing ones, particularly those related to time-management, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, communication skills, etc. An internship helps you to transition from a nurtured state to one in which you have much greater control An internship allows you to prove yourself

An internship allows you to begin building your professional network

You will complete your internship under the supervision of an assigned faculty member. Your internship supervisor will be assessing your effort, performance and success, based on your meetings and a report that you will have to submit. To enrich your internship experience, your supervisor will be helping you in many ways such as

Assisting you in acquiring / sharpening skills that are required at work Guiding you as you adjust in a work-setting and learn to achieve work-life balance Encouraging you to exercise professionalism in all your conduct Assisting you in your reflection on the internship experience, and encouraging you to use that in shaping your career plan

Internship deliverables

You may choose any structure for the report, however you must cover the following: A brief overview of the organization, the department and the people Your assignment and your contribution to the organization

What lessons you have learned from your internship experience Your interaction with your supervisors and coworkers
How you have dealt with any difficulties you may have encountered Differences between your expectations and what you experienced How this internship has...
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