Internship Report

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Internship Report
“Human Resource Department
Surya Nepal Private Limited”

Submitted By: srijana Manandhar

Submitted To:

Faculty of Management
Pokhara University

In the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Masters of Business Administration

December, 2011

It is hereby certified that this report, entitled
“Human Resource Department at SURYA NEPAL Pvt. Ltd.”
Prepared by Ms. Subhechha Manandhar

Is an outcome of the 8 weeks internship undergone at
“Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd.”.

The facts and ideas presented in this report are an outcome of the students’ hard work and dedication to the project, undertaken as a partial fulfillment for requirements for degree of
Masters of Business Administration
The outcome of this project has been highly appreciated.

…………..…………….. ……….………………….
Mr. Dipesh Sherstha External Evaluator
Manager – Human Resource Department Pokhara University
Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


I would like to thank each and every person whose contributions have made the preparation of this internship report possible.
First of all I’m very grateful to Pokhara University for including internship program as a three credit course as it has provided an opportunity to gain practical working experience in the organization and also to college Ace Institute of Management for its support throughout the internship period as well as the internship report preparation
I express my sincere gratitude towards Surya Nepal Private Limited, for providing me an opportunity to work as an intern in the organization. My sincere gratitude to Mr. Bijit Purakastha, Head – Human Resource Department, Mr. Dipesh Shrestha, Manager- Human Resource Depatment, Mrs Lundhup Gurung, Officer -Human Resource Department, for supervising and devoting time from busy schedule to

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