Internship Report

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Mohammed Morad Hossen

ID: 0231015

An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of
The Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science
Computer Science


Independent University, Bangladesh
December 2007




Mohammed Morad Hossen

ID: 0231015

has been approved

December 2007

Mr. Rezwan-Al-Islam Khan


Schools of Engineering and Computer Science

Independent University, Bangladesh.

13th December 2007
Mr. Rezwan-Al-Islam Khan
Lecturer, Computer science
Independent University, Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

I, the undersigned student have worked in the internship program for the course CSc-499 under your instruction and guidance. The 12 weeks internship program was a wonderful opportunity for me to acquaint more closely with the organization I worked for. The experience was one of rediscovering and full of enlightenment. This report attempts to present my observations, learning and experiences gained during the program.

I proceeded with the internship program with great concern and with the goal of obtaining as much knowledge as possible. It gives me immense pleasure to submit the internship report “Analysis & Implementation of Intranet Domain for a Multinational Organization”. I have completed my internship program in YOUNGONE (CEPZ) LTD.

Thanking you for your cooperation and looking forward to receiving your gracious approval of my submission.

Sincerely Yours,

Mohammed Morad Hossen
Id# 0231015
Independent University, Bangladesh.


The report entitled “Analysis & Implementation of Intranet Domain for a Multinational Organization” is the reflection activity of entire internship, which has been conducted in YOUNGONE (CEPZ) LTD. The project has designed an efficient domain structure for Youngone Group Chittagong. The project has also implemented the design that reflected the operational structure of organization as well as departmental functionalities of each unit. Enormous efforts has been taken to secure boundary for systems resources, decentralize network administration and resource management, make network management easy, improve scalability and performance using domain environment. As Youngone Group Chittagong manages their users through workgroups, system administrator does not have control on clients’ resource accesses for not having audit policy facility. Using workgroup, subnetting benefit can not be taken at all. It is the main obstacle for speeding up broadcast as subnet can not be defined for specifying workgroup location. Workgroup environment is totally unreliable and unrestricted area. Domain environment eliminates all drawbacks of workgroups providing security for system resources through users’ authentication. The procedures taken to implement the designed domain structure have been elaborately illustrated in this report.


It is my pleasure to thank a large number of individuals for their help and encouragement who have contributed directly or indirectly to prepare this report. I want to pay my gratitude to professor Mr. Nuruzzaman, academic affair in charge, Independent University, Bangladesh. I express my special gratitude to my honorable faculty (Internship advisor) Mr. Rezwan-Al-Islam Khan for his guidance, constant supervision and constructive suggestions, without whose help this report could not have been a comprehensive one. I am a grateful to Mr. Clive, IT administrator, Youngone (CEPZ) to give the opportunity to work in a real life environment.

This report owes much to the different personnel of Youngone (CEPZ) who have contributed to the thinking and development of the report. My gratitude goes particularly to Mr. Mohammad Masudur Rahman, computer...

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Published: September 17, 2004
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