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Haidri Beverages Islamabad is situated on the Kahota Road industrial Triangle Islamabad. It occupies an area of about 8 acres. It is a private factory. This factory manufactures carbonated beverages and pure water and sells it as Pepsi, Miranda, 7Up, Mountain Dew and Aquafina. To sell these beverages and water, factory has got the license from Pepsi Co International (PCI) USA. So that Haidri Beverages PCI standards are followed.

The administrative setup of the factory includes a Managing Director under his supervision come a General Manager Admin, a General Manager Technical and a General Manager marketing. G.M Admin:
Controls the whole administration of the factory. Under his supervision come manager Admin and Human Resources Manager, Audit and Manager Accounts.

G.M Technical:
Controls the production of the factory. Under his supervision come quality control manager and production Manager. G.M Marketing:
Controls the sales and marketing of beverages. Under supervision come unit manager, shipping manager and sales officers. The unit manager is responsible for selling of the beverages after it has been manufactured. The selling process includes transportation of filled bottles to the prescribed shops in the areas allocated to the beverage plant and returning of empty bottles back to factory. For this purpose sales officers and supervisors come under his supervision. Unit manager is responsible for taking measures which increases the consumption and hence the sale of beverages such as advertisements. For these and other similar jobs the sales staff works under the supervision of unit manager. Accounts Manager is responsible for checking accounts of the factory. He is responsible for checking expenditure of factor and income from sale of beverages and the net income achieved. He is also responsible for other such similar matters dealing with money. The production manager deals with the matters which are the core of factory i.e. the manufacturing of beverages. While the quality control manager is responsible for the maintenance of quality in each and every sense for this purpose chemists and shift in charge work under his supervision.

The factory work in two shifts of 8 hrs, most of the time during peak season i.e. from March to August and occasionally in three shifts. This is because the production machinery is very efficient. Thus normally there are 16 hrs productions, during these months. Each shift has different chemists and shift in charges and under their supervision work the labors. There is total permanent staff of about 300, but during peak season many labors are temporary employed on daily wedges. From September to February the factory work in one shift and there may not be daily production due to decrease demand in these days.

The distribution area of Haidri beverages is very large. Therefore it is divided into different zones. There are two zones of Rawalpindi and Islamabad each, then there are three main out station zones i.e. Azad Kashmir, Haripur (Hazara) and Gujar Khan Jehlum zone.

To carry beverage production the factory has efficient machinery which has capability to produce 60000-80000 crates per day of filled bottles at normal speed. Making suitable adjustment when required can increased this efficiency the production side of Haidri beverages is divided in to three main sections. 1.2. SECTIONS

* Haidri---I (carbonated)
* Haidri---II (carbonated)
* Aquafina (non carbonated)

There are three production lines in Haidri-I, where mostly returnable bottles are produced but some time PET bottles are produced when demand is increased. Tin cans also produced in Haidri-I

In Haidri-II PET bottles are produced. The bottles are manufactured over there. All the processes run automatically.

The third section of Haidri Beverages is Aqua...
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