Internship Report

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The Industrial Internship program is established with the purpose to expose UTP students to the real working environment so that the students are able to relate theoretical knowledge gained during their studies in UTP and apply the knowledge in the industry. The students will also develop skills in safety practices, work ethics, and communication management. Apart from that, this program will also enable UTP to have a closer relationship with the host companies. The objectives of this training program are:

a) To integrate theory with practice
Students must be proficient in applying theoretical and technical knowledge into real working environment.

b) To introduce students to work culture with industrial practices
Experience the working culture and adapt with the industrial practices as preparation before making choices in their careers after completing their studies.

c) To give opportunity to students to work with industrial practitioners
Exchanging ideas between students and industrial practitioners and gain knowledge and understanding on the practitioner’s working experiences.

d) To expose student to potential employers
Students are exposed to potential employers especially the one who they are working for. Students with great potential who shows great performances and excel in any given task have the tendency to be sought after and recruited back by the company as a staff once they have completed their studies.

e) To acquaint UTP students with industry and its programs.
Enhance skills in engineering including technical writing, communication, and technical evaluation.


PETRONAS, short for Petroliam National Bhd, is Malaysia’s national petroleum corporation established on 17 August 1974. The corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resource in Malaysia and is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources. Since its incorporation PETRONAS has grown to be an integrated international oil and gas company with business interests in 31 countries.

PETRONAS Lubricants International Sdn. Bhd. (PLISB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS. It was incorporated on September 2007 after the acquisition of Fiat Lubricants Selenia Spa of Italy, top independent lubricant company in Italy. Commanding a global sales volume of about 625 million liters, PLISB has aggressively grown to be the 15th largest lubricant company in the world.

Figure 1 : PLISB Logo

PLISB is the principal domestic and international marketing arm of PETRONAS for lubricants, operating in more than 20 countries worldwide. Its operations include manufacturing, marketing and distribution of high-end lubricants, transmission, anti-freeze and functional fluids for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural tractors and carth moving machinery as well as for other industrial equipment. Also the company manages well over 30 different brand names and categories among them, Syntium, Syntium Moto, Selenia, Urania, Paraflu and Tutela to name a few; premium products’ brands like Syntium are even specially engineered using race-proven Formula One technology developed through PETRONAS’ longstanding involvement in motor sports.

PLISB strives to develop quality assurance based on ISO standards to enhance its commitment towards providing highest performance and quality products consistently. Furthermore, PLISB also maintains technical and commercial relationships with several major OEM partners worldwide. Besides that, to facilitate its customers’ high expectations, excellent technical service is also provided by the company.


Melaka Lube Blending Plant (MLBP) is located at Tangga Batu, Melaka fully owned by PETRONAS Lubricants International Sdn. Bhd. (PLISB). The company’s...
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